Clearball Putter
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Clearball Putter



Superior quality Titanium Carbon Nitride plated mild steel material
Patented alignment disc embedded into the putter head
Smooth stainless steel shaft
Comes in three different lengths: 33″, 34″ and 35″; left or right handed
Conforms with USGA rules
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Product Description

The ClearBall Putter addresses the single most important factor in putting performance – alignment – and has helped golfers of all levels improve their putting accuracy between 20 and 50%.

How is the ClearBall Putter different?

The red and white focus lines steer you into the perfect position over the ball by guiding you to adjust your alignment until the white focus line moves over top and hides the red line. The lines create the same visual feedback to teach you how to correctly set up and position your hands in the same place every time. Your putting score will never be the same.




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